How to disinfect your food scale

Scales used in food manufacturing plants and delis need to be sanitized throughout the day. If they aren’t regularly disinfected, contamination can occur, even if you don’t put items directly on the scale. Packaging or selling contaminated food can cause consumers to get sick, erode the trust of customers and cause you to run afoul of food inspectors. Here are the six steps to take in order to disinfect your food scale.

  • Disassemble the scale

Turn off the scale and separate removeable parts such as the weigh pan, drip tray and draft shield panels. However, don’t disassemble any of the main components of the scale, as this can damage the scale and will void the warranty.


  • Wash removable parts

The weigh pan, drip tray, draft shield panels and any other non-electronic, waterproof removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand with mild detergent. After, they should be sanitized and rinsed.

  • Wipe down the scale

Wipe the base of the scale and all non-removable parts with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. Wipe away from the hole at the centre of the scale so that no dirt, debris or moisture comes into contact with the internal parts. Never turn the scale upside down or shake it to remove dirt and debris, as this can damage the device.

  • Disinfect the scale

Sanitize the base of the scale using a cloth or paper towel that has been saturated in a disinfecting product. Choose a disinfectant that is non-toxic, capable of eliminating all germs and and won’t damage the scale. Don’t spray the disinfectant directly on the scale, as this could damage the electronic components.

  • Sanitize the surrounding surface

Sanitize the surface on which the scale sits and any other nearby surfaces that could have been contaminated by food products or anything else in the environment.

  • Reassemble the scale

Put the scale back together, then turn it on and test it to ensure that it’s working.

As a final tip, be sure to have a quality scale that’s designed for weighing food products. In particular, use a scale that’s easy to clean and designed to prevent bacterial growth.

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