Is it Time for a Precision Scale Calibration?

When a product is being weighed either for materials added to a batch or for distribution, it is imperative that the scale to be used is correctly calibrated. The value of inspections and regular precision scale calibration is that it ensures you get the most out of your facility’s scale.

After all, a product that costs $10 per pound with an average of 1,000 pounds weighted on the scale comes out to $10,000 in value. If the scale had a calibration issue of 0.5 percent, that would cost your company $50 per day. Eventually, that $50 per day adds up in losses that will significantly impact your bottom line. When is the Proper Time for a Precision Scale Calibration Precision scales are highly accurate, but still require proper calibration at regular intervals and maintenance to operate at peak performance. Deciding when to calibrate is easy when you know the signs to look for, and also the requirements. Consider the following when thinking about when to schedule your Precision Scale services:

  • Legal for Trade – If your business buys or sells products based on weight, you are required to calibrate your scales. You must meet all weight scale requirements and standards set by Measurement Canada. Your company is likely to be inspected, and if your scale is found to be out of calibration or tolerance, you may be required to shut down until your scales meet the proper requirements.

  • Time and Use Factor – The longer and more frequently your scale is used, the more it is likely to face calibration issues. After all, time and use affect accuracy. The error, at first, might be minor. However, that mistake margin will continue to grow. If you weigh thousands or even hundreds of products per day at a capacity of 50 percent or more, then you should have your scale calibrated quarterly – ideally, monthly.

  • Movement of Scales – How often do you relocate your scale in your facility? If you move your scales around frequently, this will affect the calibration.

  • Environment – The environment of your scales also matters. If they are used in a packing production environment or subjected to moisture and cold temperatures, they require more frequent calibration than dry conditions.

Schedule servicing for your Precision Scales with your Certified Local Professionals Your company cannot risk having a scale that is out of calibration. A few percentages off will eventually turn into hundreds of dollars of potential profit lost. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. we have service team members who are highly skilled and have completed training in the latest electronic scales. For your precision scale needs near Swift Current, have our team come to your location monthly or quarterly to inspect and calibrate. We ensure that all units are to specifications required by the Weights & Measures Act, and we can do on-site installations for scales and other measurement devices when necessary.

Contact our technicians today at 403-250-3232 to schedule a service or calibration for your precision scales. You may also request a quote online for a new precision scale by filling out our contact form.

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