Precision Agriculture: How Certified Scales Enhance Farming Practices

Scales have long been part of trade and agriculture. From ancient Egypt and China to the Roman Empire and onward, various traders and merchants have used scales to assess the value of goods. In modern times, farmers have adopted digital scales, such as hopper and tanks, truck, and livestock, as tools to enhance farming practices.

Modern Weighing Systems

Balance scales and the use of counterweights were the sole weighing systems available until the late 1700s when the spring scale came into use. This system of measuring the pressure exerted on a spring is still used today, some 250 years later, but, as with everything, vast changes and improvements have been made to the scale. Of note is the digital scale, which received its first patent request in 1980 and opened the door to many improvements and technological tweaks. The modern digital-certified scale offers exceptional precision and performance.

Who Cares?

Farmers from Alberta to Australia are adopting the practice of precision agriculture as a means to enhance their farming practices and increase profitability. Through weighing everything from livestock to feed, seed, and fertilizer, agricultural professionals have identified four benefits for Alberta and other Western Canadian farmers:

I. Optimized Fertilizer /Pesticide Application
By weighing the products farmers apply to their crops, they can eliminate overbuying and over/under fertilizing and spraying, which is suitable for the bottom dollar, crop production, and soil care.

II. Accurate Seed Planting
Using a certified scale, farmers can buy the correct amount of seed per acre. Furthermore, knowing the precise weight of seed allows grain farmers to calculate and ensure an even distribution of seed.

III. Efficient Harvesting Operations
Hopper and tank scales and truck scales help grain growers measure crop yields and determine storage and transportation needs.

IV. Livestock Management
Certified livestock scales are extremely valuable for cattle and other livestock operations. Through accurate measuring of feed, farmers can limit waste and ensure adequate nutrition for their animals. Weighing animals on livestock scales is extremely useful for monitoring individual animal and herd health.

Proper weighing of milk and eggs in dairy and poultry barns has become a vital tool for inventory management, quality control, and monitoring of individual animal productivity and health. As with meat animals, precisely measuring feed rations in poultry, dairy, and other product-based operations saves farmers from waste and optimizes animal nutrition and health.

Precision Agriculture

There are many financial and environmental benefits to adding the practice of precision agriculture to your farm operation. In addition to limiting waste of everything from feed to fertilizers, it also minimizes any negative impact on your soil and the water sources surrounding your farm.

Certified Scale Solutions in Alberta

To find certified scales to enhance your farming practices in Alberta, whether it be livestock, hopper and tank, or truck, contact Accurate/Western Scale. We represent several manufacturers and sell a variety of state-of-the-art scales, accessories and software applications. We also provide scale repair, calibration, and certification. Furthermore, if you’re not yet sure that weighing is right for your farm, or if you only need a scale a few times a year, you can rent a certified scale from us.

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