Scale calibration and certification: the key information

If your business sells products by weight, it’s essential that your scales are calibrated and certified. If you’re unclear about what’s meant by the terms calibration or certification, we can shed some light on the subject, as these are two services our team at Accurate/Western Scale is qualified to perform.

What is scale calibration?

Scale calibration involves testing and adjusting a weighing system to ensure its accuracy. This procedure is done by qualified technicians, as specialized equipment and training is required to bring a scale within a narrow margin of error.

Having a professionally calibrated scale ensures that businesses are engaging in fair dealings with their customers and it’s a prerequisite for certification.

What is scale certification?

Scale certification involves inspecting and approving measurement devices to ensure their accuracy. This is done by Authorized Service Providers—scale inspectors who have been accredited by Measurement Canada. It’s a legal requirement that measuring devices used for trade in Canada receive certification, and Measurement Canada enforces this rule through inspection visits.

Businesses that fail to comply with the regulations may see their equipment taken out of service until the necessary repairs are made, resulting in a loss of productivity and income. They may also be subject to fines and closures. Addotionally, this can have a negative effect on a company’s reputation.

Once you’re scale has been certified by an Authorized Service Provider, you receive a government-issued sticker.

Accurate/Western Scale is an Authorized Service Provider. We can inspect your scale to ensure it adheres to government regulations. If the equipment is faulty, we’re able to repair and/or calibrate your scale and provide certification once it has been brought back into compliance.

Keeping your scales functioning well

Since degradation can influence a scale’s functioning, it’s essential that you keep your equipment in good shape. We recommend the following:

  • Using your scale only for its intended purpose

  • Training your staff to use it correctly

  • Protecting it from damage

You should also have your scale inspected regularly by a professional technician to be sure that it continues to meet government regulations.

Scale calibration and certification in Calgary

If you need an Authorized Service Provider to inspect and certify your scale, get in touch with us at Accurate/Western Scale. We provide scale calibrations and certifications, and we’re also one of the largest scale manufacturers in Canada. We’re your source for state-of-the-art hopper, tank, truck, rail and axle scales and more. Based in Calgary, Alberta, our service area extends across Western Canada. Contact us today!

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