The Complete Guide to Axle Scales

Taxes are collected on trade items based on weight. Weigh stations also help the government monitor how heavy trucks are passing through the country to ensure that vehicles stay safe on the road. To ensure your company is following Measurement Canada standards, you need an accurate axle scale at your facility.

Typically, scales measure in two elements: axle weight and gross weight. Axle weight refers to the total weight carried by each axle of the truck, while gross weight refers to the total weight of all axles. To measure properly, you need a truck scale. These scales are designed specifically to handle the substantial weight of a large-scale truck, including cargo, and work year-round. When shopping for truck scales in Alberta, you will notice that you have multiple types. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking at, what applications work for what types of scales, and the choices available. The Different Types of Truck Scales in Alberta You Can Buy There are three main types of truck scales. Each type has their use; therefore, pick a scale based on your specific application.

  1. Load Cell Scale – The load cell scale is the most common type. Each cell is constructed from steel or another type of strong material. Then, a strain gauge is placed inside the cells with wires. These wires transmit a current and measure the weight based on the compression of the cells. Then, it calculates the weight of the object based on compression. Load cells are typically used on platform scales.

  2. Bending Plate Scale – Using a series of metal plates and gauges, these plates measure the stress applied to them to decide the weight of the object. The sum of the stress on each plate is added for a total weight. Bending plates are best if you can bring your trucks to a full stop for weight.

  3. Piezoelectric Scale – Using a series of piezoelectric sensors, the pressure on the scale that is altered sends voltage through the electrical conductor. The sensors measure the voltage and calculate total weight based on the voltage amount.

Which Scales Make Sense for Your Business? Deciding between these three main types comes down to your needs specifically. If you want trucks to drive over the application, and install it permanently so that you have a seamless integration, consider pad scales. Pad scales can be installed above or below ground for pit-installed weights. Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers pad axle scales, portable truck scales, and even side rail truck scales so that you can find the right application for you. We proudly carry scales for Swift Current customers, and we offer maintenance packages so that you can maximize your investment. Contact our sales professionals today at 403-250-3232 to review your options for scales in Swift Current. You may also request a quote for new truck scales in the Alberta area by filling out this online contact form.

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