Vehicle Scales for Truck

The Different Types Of Vehicle Scales

Vehicle scales are used by regulatory authorities to ensure vehicle weights on highways and bridges fall within safe limits. Businesses use them to ensure compliance and to measure load quantities. Here’s a guide to vehicle scales commonly used in commercial and industrial operations.

Truck Scales

When you need to weigh trucks and other heavy vehicles, you need a truck scale, sometimes called a vehicle scale. They consist of a weighbridge, foundation, load cells, junction boxes and indicators, plus other accessories if required. You may choose a flat-top design or add side rails to guard against vehicles rolling off the edge.

Truck scale platforms are typically either durable concrete (BIC) or easy-to-clean steel (BIS). Consider your environment and weighing needs to determine the most appropriate materials for all your truck scale components. A scale expert can examine your facility and processes to recommend the ideal solution.

Portable Truck Scales

A portable truck scale is your solution if you require moveable weighing capabilities. It’s easy to set up and provides accurate weighing wherever — and whenever — you need it. This scale is ideal if you have a large worksite but don’t want to invest in multiple weighing machines. It’s also useful if you need an agile weighing system that you can adapt to your business’s changing needs.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Scales

When you have a specialized industrial operation with extra-heavy loads or oversized vehicles, you need a heavy-duty vehicle scale. It’s built to prevent the weighbridge from bending under high-concentration loads or at least minimize the amount of bending. These scales are individually designed to target your specific needs, accounting for the weight, size and type of vehicle to be weighed, plus the concentrated load capacity (CLC).

Heavy-duty vehicle scales are typically used by industrial operations requiring vehicles for off-road, forestry or mining applications.

Railcar Scales

If you need to weigh loads travelling by train, you need a railroad track scale, also called a railcar scale. These scales are installed directly on the track, and the railcar drives onto it for weighing. Some models can weigh while the train continues moving. Railcar scales can be installed permanently or temporarily mounted on the rails for limited use.

When you need to weigh both truck and railcar weights, invest in a combination truck and rail scale.

Accredited Provider Of Vehicle Scales In Alberta

For delivery and installation of your new vehicle scale, plus ongoing maintenance and calibration, trust Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. for service and expertise that’s certified for reliability. We’re authorized by Measurement Canada to certify weighing devices, and our weigh scale technicians can repair any make or model of scale on the market. Contact us today for advice on the best vehicle scale for your operation.

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