The impact of weighing accuracy on quality control in the manufacturing industry

The impact of Weighing Accuracy on Quality Control in the Manufacturing Industry

Precision is paramount in the manufacturing industry. Every component, every material and every step must be followed to a tee to produce exceptional quality goods. That’s why weighing accuracy plays such a vital role in quality control in Calgary. Here’s how precision weighing using quality industrial scales in Calgary is essential in manufacturing:

  • Consistency in production processes. If the weight measurements of raw materials are inconsistent, they can ripple through the entire production chain, leading to product quality and performance variations. With precise weighing using dependable industrial scales, manufacturers can maintain consistency, ensuring each batch and product meets predetermined specifications.
  • Compliance and regulatory standards. Manufacturers must follow many rules and regulations. Companies must ensure their products meet specific standards set by the government and industry regulators. Accurate weighing using reliable industrial scales helps Calgary companies comply with these rules. Certified scales are checked regularly to ensure businesses follow the law and avoid possible fines and penalties.
  • Product safety. Accurate weighing is vital to product safety. Incorrect measurements in pharmaceutical or food manufacturing can make people sick. By getting the measurements right, companies can ensure their products are safe for customers to use, building trust and brand loyalty.
  • Efficiency, waste reduction and cost savings. When things are weighed accurately, nothing is wasted. Companies use the exact amount of materials, which means they’re not throwing anything away or spending money on unnecessary materials. Accurate weighing produces less waste and saves companies money.

Scales used in manufacturing

Here are five common types of scales used in the manufacturing industry:

  • Bench scales are versatile scales typically used for weighing smaller items or components. They’re often placed on workbenches or countertops for easy access.
  • Floor scales are heavy-duty scales commonly used in logistics, warehousing and manufacturing for weighing pallets, drums and other oversized items.
  • Counting scales accurately count large quantities of identical parts or items. They work by weighing a sample of the items and then calculating the total amount based on the weight of the sample and the known weight of each item.
  • Crane scales weigh heavy loads suspended from a crane or hoist. They’re commonly used for lifting and weighing large machinery, equipment or raw materials.
  • Platform scales are large, sturdy scales with a flat surface for weighing heavy or oversized items and bulk materials like grains, liquids or chemicals.

When scales are used in business operations, they must be certified as “legal for trade” to show that they meet Measurement Canada’s requirements for professional weighing equipment.

Industrial scale services and calibration in Calgary, Alberta

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is Measurement Canada accredited, so we can inspect and certify specified legal-for-trade scales. We offer certified scale calibration and certification services to clients in Calgary and throughout Alberta. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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