The importance of certifying your scales and weighing equipment

When you use scales as part of your business operations, they need to be certified as “legal for trade” to show that they meet the requirements for professional weighing equipment put in place by Measurement Canada. Authorized scale inspectors like Accurate/Western Scale can certify your scales for you and get your equipment up to standard so you can be sure that it gives accurate measurements. Keep reading to learn about the importance of certifying your scales.

Why do scales need to be certified?

Scale certification ensures that weighing equipment used in trade are properly calibrated and held to the same standards so as to put the businesses that use them on an equal playing field. Federal measurement regulations are essential for creating a marketplace that’s fair to producers, merchants and consumers alike. Measurement Canada is the government agency in charge of administering the regulations set out in the Weights and Measures Act, defining units of measurements, developing specifications for trade devices and conducting scale inspections.

Having certified scales is good for your business because it ensures that you’re getting accurate measurements and aren’t leaving money on the table by listing the wrong weights when selling your products. Overall, the process ensures that buyers and sellers are getting the fairest possible bargain when it comes to exchanging goods that are priced by weight.

If you don’t comply with the Measurement Canada regulations, not only will you risk losing income due to inaccurate measurements but you could also face steep fines and have your business shut down should your company be subject to a government inspection. Such a closure could have serious effects on your business’s revenue, productivity and reputation.

Who can certify your scales?

Your scales can be certified by a representative of Measurement Canada or by a company that the agency has designated an Authorized Service Provider, such as Accurate/Western Scale. As a Measurement Canada accredited company, we have the right to inspect equipment to make sure it adheres to federal regulations. We also service scales and will re-calibrate your device if its measurements are no longer sufficiently accurate. Don’t hesitate to call us if you suspect a problem with your weighing equipment.

Schedule an appointment with authorized scale inspectors

If you’re in need of an Authorized Service Provider to perform scale certifications, get in touch with Accurate/Western Scale. In addition to selling and renting scales, we certify all types of weighing equipment—including truck, hopper, cattle and batching scales—for businesses in Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer and across Alberta. To learn more, contact us today.

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