What accessories are available for floor scales?

Floors scales allow businesses to efficiently weigh large items at ground level. They can, moreover, be customized for a variety of specific applications. Here are some of the top accessories available for floor scales.

  • Printers

Label and ticket printers are common accessories for floor scales.

Label printers print individual weight receipts with custom graphics and bar codes. Some businesses use this type of printer to print out weight readings and attach them to containers, allowing them to conveniently identify the weight of a container after it’s been weighed.

Ticket printers print documents with detailed weight data. This type of printer is ideal for businesses that keep hard copies of weight readings to use for detailed analyses.

  • Ramps

One of the benefits of having a floor scale is that rests close to ground level, allowing you to easily weigh bulky and heavy loads. Attaching a ramp to your floor scale can further facilitate the weighing process, making it possible for you to wheel items right up onto the scale.

Ramps are available in a variety of heights and widths to accommodate the particular dimensions of your floor scale.

  • Remote displays

A remote display allows you to view weight readings in large, clear LED letters. The device can be placed indoors or outdoors and be far removed from the scale itself.

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers a range of high-quality remote displays. The products we carry feature high-intensity LEDs that are easy to read both in foul weather and direct sunlight.

  • Software

Nowadays, most businesses prefer to gather their information digitally as it allows for instant analysis of weight data.

Accurate/Western Scale provides scale software options such as SMART1 programs, which allow end-users to create their own custom applications and tickets. This software is user-friendly, but our staff is happy to set it up for you.

  • Surge protectors

By helping to prevent crashes and reboots, industrial-strength surge protectors help you avoid data loss and interruptions in your operations.

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd carries the Tripp-Lite Isobar4 Ultra Surge Protector. The Isobar is a top-selling premium suppressor. This four-outlet unit provides robust surge protection, reducing 6,000-volt surges to harmless levels of less than 35 volts.

Customized floor scales in Calgary and throughout Alberta

At Accurate Western/Scale Co. Ltd., we offer floor scales in custom sizes and equipped with whatever accessories your business needs. Contact us for more information or for a free quote in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Swift Current or elsewhere in Alberta.

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