What is an axle weighing system?

Are you in need of a truck scale system? At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we provide customers with state-of-the-art weighing equipment, available for purchase or rental. One of our most popular rental options is axle scales (sometimes called axle pads, jump scales or wheel load scales).

What are axle scales?
Axles scales measure a vehicle’s axle weights, which are the standard metric for determining a truck’s overall weight. A high-quality axle scale can provide a weight that’s accurate to within 0.25%. Their low profile and compatibility with forklifts makes them easy to use and transport. They can be temporarily installed on level asphalt, concrete or compacted gravel.

Axle scales are popular in the farming, mining and trucking industries as well as among a wide range of other companies whose operations involve the transport of heavy materials.

What are axle scales used for?
Here are two of the most common reasons axle scales are used:

1. Avoid risks and fines associated with overweight vehicles One of the main reasons to use axle scales is to avoid overweight fines. Exceeding a vehicle’s maximum axle weight is a punishable offence. It’s also detrimental for several other reasons:

• It can damage the vehicle itself, particularly axles, drive shafts, tires and the steering and braking systems.

• It endangers everyone on the road by hindering a vehicle’s breaking capabilities, decreasing stability and increasing stopping distance.

• It can put undue stress on roads and cause serious and costly damage.

• It causes your vehicle to consume fuel less economically.

• It can void your insurance policy.

2. Increase the efficiency of agricultural operations
Farmers often use axle scales to check weigh inputs in trucks at seeding time or weigh products harvested from the fields before they go to market or the grain bin.

What types of axle weighing solutions are available?
At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we offer the following types of axle scales:

• Loadmaster low profile axle scale
This portable scale system is a mere six inches tall and can be installed and made operational within hours. You have the option of using either a single platform to weigh one axle at a time or a multi-platform configuration to weigh entire trucks at once.

• Massload axle pad scale
Fully electronic with a large weigh surface, this scale system is low maintenance and easy to use. The pads are typically sold in pairs but can also be sold in multiples for weighing entire trucks. Its weight measurements are accurate to within 0.25%.

Buying or renting axle scales in Alberta
Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. offers superior quality truck scales to residents of Calgary and Swift Current and people all across Alberta. For further details or to request a quote, contact us today!

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