Weigh Stations for Truck

What Trucks Have To Stop At Weigh Stations In Alberta?

If the truck you’re taking on an Alberta highway isn’t a private passenger vehicle, it’s subject to regulations for commercial vehicles. That means you’ll need to know its weight, especially if you’re carrying a load. To help keep you in compliance on Alberta’s highways, here’s a guide to truck weighing and inspection within the province.

Inspection Stations in Alberta

In Alberta, your vehicle may be inspected for weight but also for dimensions like height, length and width, plus axle spacing. The goal is to ensure your vehicle doesn’t pose a threat to yourself or others on the road.

There are two types of inspection stations in the province, both with weigh scales:

  • VIS, or vehicle inspection stations, with scales operated by attendants
  • MIS, or mobile inspection stations, with scales but no attendants on hand

Want to know where the scales are? The province posts a list of all inspection station locations on its website.

When to Stop For Weighing or Inspection

According to Alberta law, if your commercial vehicle weighs over 4,500 kilograms, you must report to an inspection station when the highway lights are flashing. You can avoid needless delays by keeping your truck compliant. The province publishes detailed guidelines on acceptable weights and dimensions for all vehicle types.

How To Proceed Through A Weigh Station

Weigh stations typically have two lanes, one with a scale and one without, plus a lightboard providing instructions like “STOP,” “BACK UP” and “PARK.” If your vehicle is loaded, proceed slowly across the scale lane. If your truck is empty, take the lane beside the scale lane and bypass the scales. In either case, watch the light board and follow directions as they appear.

If the board says “PARK,” you must park your vehicle in the parking lot and bring all vehicle and driver documents into the inspection building.

Compliance Makes Good Business Sense

Inspection and weighing can be a breeze when your trucks are within regulatory limits. You spare yourself penalty fees and costly downtime. By investing in reliable truck scales and keeping them maintained and calibrated, you’re investing in your company’s bottom line.

As accredited scale inspectors, Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is authorized under the Weights and Measures Act by Measurement Canada to assess trade devices for compliance and issue a sticker of government certification. We can keep your truck scales compliant to help your trucks breeze through highway inspections.

Truck Scale Sales, Rentals, Calibration And Certification In Alberta

Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. is your trusted partner in Alberta for consistent, reliable weighing of loads of all sizes. Ask us about your options for truck scale installation, or consider a portable truck scale for reliable weighing on the move. We also offer a rental service to meet your short-term needs. Contact us today and ask how we can help keep your trucks safe and compliant.

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