Why it’s important to weigh your livestock regularly

The weight of your cattle is one of the most crucial data points you need to track if you want to ensure the success of your business. Here are four key reasons why purchasing a livestock scale is a great way to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

To know when to breed them
Breeding decisions form the basis of your herd’s long-term profitability. When deciding which heifers to breed, it’s important to select ones that have reached puberty and are ready to be bred. Since weight is a major determinant of when puberty occurs in cows, it’s the variable to keep an eye on when identifying the best time to breed a heifer. This will help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

To know how much feed to give
Tracking how much weight your cattle is putting on is the best way to ensure you aren’t wasting feed. Raising cattle often means hoping replacement heifers as well as other animals reach their target weights within a reasonable timeframe. However, giving them too much food can end up costing you big. By tracking their weight, you can easily adjust feed quantities to maximize your profits.

To know when to wean them
Calf weight is important when deciding if it’s time to start weaning. Early weaning can be a great tool, especially if you want to increase pregnancy rates. By weighing your animals regularly you’ll be able to find out how much weight they’re putting on and how much more they’ll need to put on to be healthy when switched over to grazing or other forms of feeding.

To know how healthy they are
The challenging task of tracking the health of your herd can be made easier by weighing them regularly. Sudden weight loss, a common symptom of serious health issues, can be hard to notice on cows and other large animals. Using a livestock scale to monitor them is the best way to catch early signs of disease.

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