Why scales are crucial for the construction industry

Precision in the construction industry is a must. Safety and profits rely on accurate and dependable weight measurements. Errors or miscalculations can lead to fines, lost income, injuries and more. Here are some of the scales used in the construction industry and their associated benefits.

Crane and hanging scales

Construction companies use a crane and hanging scales to weigh large, bulky loads. These scales can weigh cargo of up to 20,000 kilograms or more. Crane scales onsite save space, time and increase safety. Read more on cranes and hanging scales here.

Front-end loader scales

Today’s front-end loader scales are highly accurate, and they can digitally record the weight and volume of each load as well as the number of buckets used. They can also keep track of multiple materials. These scales are perfect for mixing asphalt, cement or anything else that requires large batches of ingredients.

Belt scales

Used to measure flow rates and amounts of materials while they travel down a conveyor belt, belt scales show you precisely when the belt has transported the desired amount of material. These scales can provide accurate readings when moving sand, gravel, stones, coal and rubble.

Forklift scales

Often used to verify incoming and outgoing materials, forklift and material handling scales are a must on most construction sites. They attach directly to your lift trucks for increased efficiency, allowing you to lift, weigh, move and record a full load in one operation.

Floor scales

Designed to weigh heavy loads, floor scales come in many sizes and various capacities. These industrial scales can be portable or fixed, have a low profile and don’t take much space. Construction companies use floor scales to weigh large loads of materials.

Portable truck scales

Easy to use and move, portable truck scales are valuable instruments on any construction site. You can weigh incoming and outgoing trucks as they pass over the load cells, thereby increasing efficiency on your job site.
Besides industrial scales, the construction industry also uses counting scales, bench scales and precision balances to measure everything from small screws to the tiniest amounts of tint for mixing paint.

Industrial scales in Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we offer legal for trade industrial scales accredited and authorized by Measurement Canada. Our scales are easy to use and are designed to withstand the rigours of industrial environments. We also provide certified scale rental services in Calgary and nearby communities such as Red Deer, Swift Current and more. To learn more about our products and get a free quote, contact us today.

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