Why you need a lift truck scale

A lift truck scale requires a substantial investment, but it’s a smart one. Despite higher upfront costs, they have numerous advantages over traditional floor scales. Here’s why your business might benefit from one.

You have limited floor space
If you’re a new or growing company, every bit of space is valuable. Even if you can dedicate some of your available footage to a floor scale, the traffic lanes used to access it will take up a lot more space than you may be able to truly afford. Switching to a lift truck scale will free up these lanes, allowing for more efficient use of your space.

You need to increase efficiency
Many businesses need to weigh materials and integrating the weighing step into the normal workflow instead of requiring the time-consuming diversions needed with floor scales can drastically improve efficiency. A material handling scale allows for weights to be taken during normal operations, which speeds up completion times.

You want a leaner operation
Because they reduce the number of steps involved in operations and reduce resource and space usage, lift truck scales are a smart investment for companies looking to streamline their operations. Increased efficiency and lower resource use translate to higher profit margins.

You want to reduce traffic
Heavy lift truck traffic reduces efficiency, increases costs and, most importantly, can pose serious safety issues. Floor scales directly contribute to this problem by requiring drivers to make unnecessary trips.

You want to keep your employees safe
Industries that use lift trucks often work with pallets. Equipping your trucks with scales will reduce the risk of overloaded pallet racking. Overloading the racking can compromise its structural integrity, leading to extremely costly accidents and severe or fatal injuries.

Equipping lift trucks with material handling scales ensures that workers know exactly how much weight is being put on the racking. It also eliminates the need for trips to the floor scale, which are time-consuming.

Industrial and commercial weighing solutions
Every business is different and choosing the right lift truck scale requires the help of an experienced professional. For all your industrial and commercial scale needs, trust Accurate/Western Scale. We’re accredited by Measurement Canada to perform regulation scale calibration and with 21 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us to help with everything from installation to repairs. Contact us today to discuss your business’ needs or to learn more about the scales we offer.

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