5 Ways to pick the right counting scale for your business

Counting scales are used to weigh and count objects at the same time. These scales work by weighing a bunch of items together and then determining how many items are in the set by dividing the total weight by the weight of a single item. This allows manufacturers and retailers to check how many units are in a shipment or package without having to count them by hand. Counting scales are commonly used for taking inventory in retail warehouses, quality control centres and bulk food stores.

At Accurate/Western Scale, we offer counting scales that can be used for checking quantities, unit weight, total weight and accumulation data. Here are five factors to consider when choosing a counting scale for your business:

1. Weight capacity
Every counting scale has a weighing range that extends from the smallest weights the model can accurately detect to the largest weight it can safely accommodate. Choose a scale with a weighing range suitable for handling the average size of the loads you’ll be measuring.

2. Level of precision
When choosing your counting scale, think about the scale’s graduation, the size of the increments in which it reports measurements. The smaller the increments, the more precise the scale’s measurements will be. Smaller graduations are important if you’ll be weighing and counting smaller items. At Accurate/Western Scale, our counting scales range in graduation from one kilogram to 0.1 gram.

3. Platter size
You should also consider how big the area of the scale’s platform will need to be. Some counting scales have larger platters than others, so choose one that can accommodate the total number of items you’ll have on the scale at a time.

4. Measuring units
Don’t forget to think about what measuring units you’d like the weights to be reported in. With most of our counting scales, you can choose whether to have the weights reported in pounds or kilograms, depending on your industry’s preference.

5. Additional features
Counting scales are often equipped with extra features such as accumulation memory, remote scale capability and output to a computer or printer. Think about what features would be most likely to improve efficiency and productivity in your business.

Whether you oversee a stockroom, work in quality control or own a small business, Accurate/Western Scale has the right counting scale for you. We sell and rent a wide range of industrial scales— including truck, hopper and cattle scales—to businesses in Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge and throughout Alberta. To learn more about our scales and request a quote, contact us today.

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