Tips for Preparing Livestock Scales in Calgary for Winter

Your livestock scale is a significant investment for your farm, and while winter slows down your business, you do not shut down because of the snow and colder temperatures.

Most likely, you have your livestock scales outdoors; therefore, now is the time to prepare them for the chills and moisture that comes with winter, so that your scale is ready to go again in the spring. Expert Tips for Managing Scales in the Winter Livestock scales are not easy to move in and out when the temperature changes. They are installed and primed specifically for their installation spot. Therefore, you must prepare your livestock scale for winter where it sits. To do so properly, consider the following:

  • Cover the Scale – Will you use your scale in the winter? If so, consider placing a temporary cover over the scale, such as a heavy-duty canopy.

  • Consider a Permanent Relocation – While having a livestock scale installed outdoors might make it more convenient when herding livestock for weight, it could prove beneficial to do a permanent relocation indoors. Consider moving your stationary scale into a barn or covered structure so that it is not frequently exposed to the elements.

  • Clean the Scale – When putting away your portable or stationary scales for the winter, you want to put them away in a clean state. Allowing dirt, animal debris, and grime to cake and dry over the winter can be detrimental to your scale’s precision.

  • Disconnect Electrical Components – While your scale is not in use, disconnect any electrical components so that moisture introduced does not cause a short or electrical shock.

  • Upgrade Load Bars – Now is the perfect time to upgrade the scales you have with new load bars, especially those that are fully water resistant. Also, if your indicators are outdated, consider replacing them with the latest models.

Schedule a Professional Calibration for Winter on Your Alberta Scales Whether you are putting your scale away for winter or you relocated it indoors for the colder temperatures, now is the time to bring in the professionals for a calibration. As a livestock owner, it is imperative that your scale is accurate, which means calibrating the unit monthly or anytime the unit has been moved. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., our team will come out to your farm or facility and inspect your scale. We offer full-scale servicing and maintenance, including calibrations. Our team can install upgraded components, help relocate your scale and calibrate it for use, and repair your livestock scales as needed. To keep your scales working at their best year-round, consider signing up for our pre-scheduled maintenance contracts. On a contract, our team comes out to your farm regularly, services and calibrates your livestock scales, and performs repairs as needed. This ensures your equipment meets all trade requirements right through the year. Contact our technicians today at 403-250-3232 to schedule a service appointment for livestock scales in Calgary. You can also request a quote online for a new livestock scale or instrument by using our contact form.

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