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What to Know About a Broken Scale Load Cell

You could think of the load cell as the brain of your scale. It translates force into digital values you can read and record. A failing load cell results in inaccurate readings or an unusable scale, which means costly downtime while waiting for a scale repair. So, knowing when your load cells need attention is vital for your business. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Causes Of Load Cell Malfunction

There are many reasons why your load cell may malfunction, including:

  • Overloading – If you overload the scale by surpassing the scale’s capacity, you risk causing damage to the load cell.
  • Moisture – Water encountering the electronic components can cause them to malfunction. Moisture, high humidity and condensation can also lead to corrosion, harming the structural integrity of the load cell and causing errors.
  • Harsh chemicals – Harsh chemicals can damage a load cell’s electronics, as chemicals can heavily corrode its components and structure.
  • Power surges – Power surges and lightning strikes can cause significant damage to a load cell. Ensure your scale is grounded and your electronics are surge protected. Plus, don’t overload power supplies.
  • Mishandling – Load cells are sensitive devices, so drops or improper handling can damage the circuits.

Warning Signs Of A Broken Load Cell

If you observe any of these issues, your scale may have a broken load cell:

  • The display readings are inconsistent
  • The display readings fluctuate up and down
  • The display won’t return to zero after the load is removed
  • The zero balance changes dramatically
  • The display incorrectly reads an overload
  • The display reads “no load” when a load is applied
  • The display readings don’t change when a load is applied

Checking Your Load Cells For Damage

If you think your load cell isn’t working properly, conduct a visual inspection following these steps:

  • Disconnect the scale from its power source to avoid shocks or electrocution
  • Visually check the load cell for damage, wear, deformation or corrosion
  • Check that all cables are free of kinks and cuts and have good connections
  • Check for obstructions between the load cell and the weighing platform
  • Ensure the scale is on a level surface and that all mechanical supports are firmly in place

Additionally, regularly calibrate your scales to ensure accuracy. You can get your scales professionally calibrated by a trusted scale company.

Also, if you sign up for a pre-scheduled maintenance plan, a scale technician will visit your operation and inspect, clean and calibrate your scales to identify and fix minor issues before they become big problems.

Scale Repair Services In Alberta

At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we offer a wide variety of load cells and mounts for every industrial and commercial need. We also offer fast, professional scale repair services to keep your downtime to a minimum. Contact us today and ask about our pre-scheduled scale calibration, maintenance and repair services for commercial and industrial clients in Alberta.

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